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Design of an Adjustable Shock Absorber and Semi-active Suspension Control of a Passenger Car

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This research has analyzed and designed a multi-stage adjustable shock absorber. When the automobile has the best damping coefficient to pass through different roads and different speeds , it can make the passengers feel more comfortable impression. Besides , to design an electrically structure with different controllers for semi-active suspension system control.
 The purpose of design a multi-stage adjustable shock absorber has two aspects; one divides the smallest and the biggest optimum damping coefficient form equally with multiple sections and the other controls performance close to the capabilities of continuous shock absorber. The semi-active suspension system for the damping-force-adjusting type of the adjustable shock absorber is discrete, not continuous. There are six kinds of damping selections in the experiment . The main structure of the adjustable shock absorber includes an adjusting element within a conventional shock absorber. A stepping motor is driven to rotate the adjusting element. This controls the rotation of the adjusting member within a cylinder, thereby adjusting the amount of hydraulic fluid which bypasses the damping passage between two hydraulic chambers, and hence achieving the desired damping coefficient. The adjustable shock absorber can be adjusted according to different road conditions . The main advantages are its competitive price , simple structure and better performance.
 In the second part of this thesis , an experimental setup representing a quarter-car for semi-active suspension system is designed and built. The purpose of this thesis is to design GA-fuzzy controller and fuzzy logic controller for semi-active suspension system control individually. The primary advantages of GA-fuzzy controller are being able to make membership function adjust their range and drop on the best value automatically. Hence GA-fuzzy controller is Optimization of the fuzzy logic controller. The experimental results on the displacement of the car body clearly indicate the proposed GA-fuzzy controller seems to be to achieve good riding comfort. In addition, the power spectral density(PSD) of the acceleration show that the driving quality is significantly improved as well.
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